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Hubs Brakes And Wheel-Ends Training

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Norwood, MA (Boston) June 14-15
Charlotte, NC July 18-19

Hubs Brakes And Wheel-Ends Course

Hubs Brakes And Wheel-Ends

Pro-MECH's axle-to-hub training program teaches essential skills needed for the maintenance and replacement of most major components surrounding truck and trailer chassis.

This training offers hands-on training and instruction on all tractor/trailer wheel-end related components, both new and old. This is the only complete wheel-end training course of its kind; providing instructional material on Air Disc Brakes, S-cam Brakes, PreSet Hubs as well as Adjustable Hubs. This course also covers: Kingpins, Steering Systems, Automatic Brake Adjusters, ABS, Brake Chambers, Air and Leaf Suspensions, and Alignment.

Pro-MECH teaches technicians how to diagnose potential problems before they become a DOT citation or a liability, as well as the latest regulations and new products. We cover the latest innovations on the road today and prepare technicians for the future. Start making profits today. If you're not already offering these services, you could be missing a big opportunity

Focus Area

  • Wheel-End Proper hub maintenance and bearing adjustment procedures for all different Wheel-End types
  • Foundation Brakes Air disc and drum brakes diagnostics, repair and maintenance
  • Suspension/Alignment Shocks, springs, along with kingpin installation and removal
  • Steering System Tie rods, gear box and U-Joints
  • Tire Wear What different wear patterns can tell you


  • Hands-On: 2-day (16 hours) Instructor-Led Training
  • Dates: June 14-15 Location: Norwood, MA (Boston)
    Dates: July 18-19 Location: Charlotte, NC

Technician Training: A Good Investment

  • Reduction in diagnostic time with more accurate diagnosis
  • Decrease in unnecessary parts expenditures
  • Decrease in unscheduled shop visits
  • Increase in technician productivity and shop morale
  • Higher technician retention

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